The Cliff House Inn, North of Ventura, CA, June 2013

How do you do…THAT?

That is the number one question I’m asked after my name, where I’m from, and what I do.

Mari Connor - LaptopPreneur

Mari Connor – LaptopPreneur

My name is Mari Connor, and when people ask what I do, they usually don’t “get it” initially. So, at the beginning of 2014, I started saying “I guess you could say I’m LaptopPreneur. I’m an entrepreneur who runs several online businesses from my laptop, as I travel the world.”

Most people say I’m so “lucky” to be “able to do this”. Looking back on the last several years, “luck” played no part in how I ended up doing what I love. In fact, I was hitting some pretty dark times which enabled me to actually see what was possible. It took 2-3 key decisions, sticking to those decisions despite any obstacles that were put in my way, seeking out the support of business mentors/coaches who were doing what I wanted to be doing, and JUST TRUDGING forward (some days were better than others)…no matter what.

Now, I can proudly say I travel around the world in search of interesting people, new experiences, business knowledge and the secret(s) to life/happiness…all while running online businesses which fund my adventures.

But my life wasn’t always THIS AMAZING

Morning Coffee in the Makiki Rainforest, Oahu. Feb 2013

Morning Coffee in the Makiki Rainforest, Oahu. Feb 2013

I have been in my share of absolutely miserable jobs, relationships, and might as well add DEBT (up to my ears). I was taught from a young age to be committed to whatever is in front of me and work as hard as possible, because it will “pay off in the long run”.

Believe me when I say: There is NOTHING WORSE than NOT being able to get up in the morning, particularly when you know you are building someone else’s dream, because you’re too afraid to chase after your own.

After 15 years of uninspiring supervisors and playing a key role in doubling and tripling sales figures at several organizations (for other people, I might add), I decided to “take the plunge” and start my own online marketing business.


That was scary.

But it has also been exhilarating, challenging, fun, a total “eye opener” in my life, and has given me the TIME and LOCATION freedom I so dearly craved when I was working 12-16 hours/day for other people.

Hiking in Oahu, Hawaii. Feb 2013

Hiking in Oahu, Hawaii. Feb 2013

I no longer have guilt when taking time off. I can be FULLY PRESENT for friends and family, because I’m not stressing about whether a boss is depending on me for a deadline.

Now, my work and my fun blend perfectly together. Today I work less time, but WAY MORE EFFICIENTLY, and make more income than in any position I’ve ever held.

Just One of My Many Work Spaces

Just One of My Many Office Locations

So I have time to do what I love…travel…and catch the latest plays and musicals (a personal passion) wherever they are showing!

Yep...That's me, Paul Rudd, and my friend Monica on Broadway in 2012

Yep…That’s me, Paul Rudd, and my friend Monica on Broadway in 2012

In this new life, I don’t miss out on family gatherings or school reunions, because I can work wherever I am!

20th High School Reunion

20th High School Reunion, July 2012

My Mother and Father's 50th Anniversary, June 2014

My Mother and Father’s 50th Anniversary, June 2014


I’ve had the chance to meet (and spend time with) some of the brightest minds and biggest names in social media and online marketing, and I’m happy to share everything I’ve learned to arm you with the courage to LIVE THE LIFE YOU’VE ALWAYS IMAGINED!


Mari Connor and George Takei

George Takei and Mari Connor in Phoenix, AZ, April 2014


BELIEVE ME…If I could do it…ANYONE CAN. Period.

SO…If you’re ready to take the ADVENTURE of YOUR LIFE…Click the button below!

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